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With self isolation there are a lot of us stuck at home and we have some great options to fill your time at home!

Model Kits are a great way to spend time accomplishing something you can keep on your shelf and take pride at looking at something that you made. Whilst the figures end up quite detailed, the easy to follow instructions actually mean that it’s all very straightforward. If you’ve never started with one we recommend starting with either a kit under $30 or a figure-rise as they are. Once you get the hang of it you can move onto the more detailed kits or even the premier Kotobukiya Zoids kits that we’ve managed to secure a small number of.

There is no better option for if you’ve got a group of people all together than a good board game. There are huge different ranges depending on your interest and if there’s anything you want that we don’t have let us know. If you want a nice easy simple gateway game you can’t go past Exploding Kittens or Cards Against Humanity.

Moving from there there are the classics like Catan and Carcassone (Carcassone remains my absolute favourite board game that actually works for groups as small as 2 people).

From there you can move onto the serious games with more details and efforts that have the chance to evolve as play. The new release that is turning a lot of heads is Zombie Kidz evolution which takes the evolving nature of Pandemic Legacy and boils it down to something that can be played by the whole family

Dungeons and Dragons is absolutely one of the best ways to have fun with your friends at the moment. The evolution of technology means you can get playing from your own space and connect voice through discord and play collaboratively through systems like Astral Tabletop.

One of the biggest hurdles to starting D&D is the perception but honestly there’s a reason it is so much fun and has exploded since the release of 5E. If you want to suss out what it’s like we recommend looking up The Adventure Zone Podcast. Listen to the first few episodes and you’ll quickly get a glimpse into the potential of this system. Get a group together and start creating characters and you’ll be surprised how quickly the time can fly. Best of all you can start finding joy in just how pretty dice can get!

Nanoblocks are known as Lego for Adults. The tiny blocks lead to really nice detailed figures you can keep on your desk or in small spaces. Each build can take a few hours and can easily become the highlight of any day.

We also want to take a moment just to state that as a small business in the city we are hit very hard by the current state of the pandemic. We are in discussions with our landlord and looking into stimulus options but as things stand we are running our store with Melbourne City levels of rent whilst bringing in sales from the store that sometimes don’t even cover the wages of the staff that worked that day.

To counter this we have reduced the cost of shipping to $5 for satchel or $10 for boxed shipping for the near future and we are asking our customers to please support us and place orders online so that we have a chance of pulling through this and existing into 2021 and beyond!