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[CLEARANCE] Suddenly Drunk Card Game

$ 15.00

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Drunk is a set of 54 cards which can easily be added to any turn-based
board or card game that transforms it into a hilarious drinking game for
3 – 8 Players.


Created by veteran Gaming Bar Event
Manager and co-owner of board/card/video game bar Beta Bar, Skaidris
Gunsmith. Suddenly Drunk is the culmination of years of research in how
people enjoy drinking and playing games.

Pick your favorite board
or card game. Suddenly Drunk works best with simple party games like
Cards Against Humanity, Jenga or Uno but can be played with ANY turn
based board or card game.

Before playing your turn, draw a card
from the Suddenly Drunk deck. It will either be an Instant or Anytime
card. If it’s an Instant, you read the card out loud and do what it says
then discard the card.

If it’s an Anytime card, you read it to
yourself, place it face down in front of you and put it’s effects into
play at any point during the game no matter who’s turn it is. Apart from
doing the obvious of getting you tipsy the role of Suddenly Drunk is to
help keep the party going.
Rule and Minigame Cards are designed to take people out of their comfort zones and lighten the atmosphere.
rules will be stacking up and people will be falling over their own
words to try and remember if they’re supposed to be speaking in third
person or if they have to dance whenever they go anywhere. And YOU will
be leaping at the chance to call people out for failing to do so.

Cards are not all just “DRINK NOW!” cards, almost every card will give you an option, to drink OR complete a certain task.
amount of times you have to drink isn’t dictated by a simple chance
draw of a card, it’s how well you manage the rule and minigame cards
that come into effect. There’s even removal cards so for example if you
come under effect of the ”Pardon My Poot Card” which instructs you to
always make a fart sound whenever you stop talking there’s always the
chance to remove, deflect or even use it’s effects on others during

These simple, easy to follow dynamics help make whatever
game you’re accompanying it with more entertaining without distracting
you too much from your core game.

*Beer not included, sorry. Age restricted to 18+ years old


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