Yu-Gi-Oh! – Dark Magician Purple Edition 12” PVC Statue

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“The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defence.”

The Dark Magician has arrived to bring his ultimate wizardry powers to your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection with this new statue by First 4 Figures.

The Dark Magician Purple Edition 12” PVC Statue was inspired by one of Dark Magician’s iconic summoning poses in the hit anime series, where he’s in this “ready for action” stance with the Dark Magical Circle in the background. Captured with his left arm stretched out and wielding the Magician’s Rod, fitted with a glow-in-the-dark orb, in his right hand as he prepares to cast his signature spell… Dark Magic Attack!

Standing approximately 8” tall by 12” wide, the Dark Magician is showcased on a themed base with smoke rising to emphasis that the he has been newly summoned onto the battlefield. With the Dark Magician’s origin story dating back to Ancient Egyptian times, the design on the base reflects this aspect of past with the sandy and rocky environment and the hieroglyphic patterns adorning the side.

Summon the Dark Magician Purple Edition 12” PVC Statue into your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection.


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