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Pokémon TCG – High Class Booster


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Tag All Stars (Japanese: ハイクラスパック TAG TEAM GXタッグオールスターズ High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars) is the name given to the nineteenth and final Japanese subset released during the Sun & Moon Era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is considered an enhancement of the twelfth and final main expansion, Alter Genesis, featuring the collection symbol “SM12a”. The set consists mostly of reprints of cards from the latter half of the Sun & Moon Era, focusing on popular Tag Team Pokémon-GX.


As the final major release of the Sun & Moon Era, the High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars acts as a retrospective of the Tag Team block of expansions, much in the same way The Best of XY was for the XY and XY BREAK Eras. As such, it contains a large amount of reprinted cards from around this period, featuring the focal Tag Teams from the Tag Bolt, Double Blaze, and Miracle Twin expansions, and Night Unison, Full Metal Wall, GG End, and Sky Legend subsets, as well as other popular Pokémon-GX cards. Several Pokémon included in the subset feature artwork previously exclusive to cards available outside Japan.

Much like the preceding High Class Pack GX Ultra Shiny, Tag All Stars includes a large amount of Secret cards—53 in total—among which include Full Art and Rainbow Rare versions of Pokémon-GX that received only Regular prints in standalone products, Full Art versions of previously-released Trainer cards, and embossed Holofoil versions of the basic Energy cards. The seven focal Tag Teams from previous expansions and subsets also receive gold Ultra-Rare prints for a total of 226 cards. Tag All Stars also has a parallel foil set—each card without a rarity symbol features a Mirror Holofoil variant. Combined with the standard set and 9 generic basic Energy cards, this creates a master set of 369 cards.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards instead of the usual 5, including 1 guaranteed Pokémon-GX card, 2 Holofoil cards, 1 Energy card, and 1 parallel foil card. Energy cards are always Mirror Holofoil unless a pack includes a Super-Rare version of one. Approximately 1 out of every 250 packs may contain 10 Super-Rare cards in addition to the Energy card, colloquially referred to as “god packs” in other TCG circles, and a first for the Pokémon TCG in Japan.

Set list

Tag All Stars
No. Card name Type Rarity
001/173 Pheromosa & BuzzwoleTag Team GX Grass RR
002/173 Paras Grass
003/173 Parasect Grass
004/173 Hoppip Grass
005/173 Skiploom Grass
006/173 Jumpluff Grass
007/173 Shuckle Grass
008/173 Treecko Grass
009/173 Grovyle Grass
010/173 SceptileGX Grass RR
011/173 Shaymin Prism Star Grass PR
012/173 Bounsweet Grass
013/173 Steenee Grass
014/173 Tsareena Grass
015/173 Kartana Grass
016/173 Reshiram & CharizardTag Team GX Fire RR
017/173 Vulpix Fire
018/173 Ninetales Fire
019/173 Flareon Fire
020/173 Victini Fire
021/173 Victini Prism Star Fire PR
022/173 Volcanion Fire
023/173 Litten Fire
024/173 Torracat Fire
025/173 Incineroar Fire
026/173 Salandit Fire
027/173 Salazzle Fire
028/173 BlacephalonGX Fire RR
029/173 Squirtle Water
030/173 Wartortle Water
031/173 Blastoise Water
032/173 Alolan Vulpix Water
033/173 Vaporeon Water
034/173 Articuno Water
035/173 White Kyurem Water
036/173 KeldeoGX Water RR
037/173 Volcanion Prism Star Water PR
038/173 Wishiwashi Water
039/173 WishiwashiGX Water RR
040/173 Tapu Fini Water
041/173 Pikachu & ZekromTag Team GX Lightning RR
042/173 Jolteon Lightning
043/173 Zapdos Lightning
044/173 Raikou Lightning
045/173 Blitzle Lightning
046/173 Zebstrika Lightning
047/173 Stunfisk Lightning
048/173 DedenneGX Lightning RR
049/173 Tapu Koko Prism Star Lightning PR
050/173 Zeraora Lightning
051/173 ZeraoraGX Lightning RR
052/173 Mewtwo & MewTag Team GX Psychic RR
053/173 Trevenant & DusknoirTag Team GX Psychic RR
054/173 Mewtwo Psychic
055/173 Mew Psychic
056/173 Natu Psychic
057/173 Giratina Psychic
058/173 Giratina Prism Star Psychic PR
059/173 Espurr Psychic
060/173 Meowstic Psychic
061/173 Inkay Psychic
062/173 Malamar Psychic
063/173 Mimikyu Psychic
064/173 Marshadow Psychic
065/173 Poipole Psychic
066/173 Naganadel Psychic
067/173 Marshadow & MachampTag Team GX Fighting RR
068/173 Tyrogue Fighting
069/173 Landorus Fighting
070/173 Diancie Prism Star Fighting PR
071/173 Stakataka Fighting
072/173 Greninja & ZoroarkTag Team GX Darkness RR
073/173 Sneasel Darkness
074/173 Weavile Darkness
075/173 Absol Darkness
076/173 Spiritomb Darkness
077/173 Darkrai Prism Star Darkness PR
078/173 Zorua Darkness
079/173 Zoroark Darkness
080/173 Yveltal Darkness
081/173 Hoopa Darkness
082/173 IncineroarGX Darkness RR
083/173 Lucario & MelmetalTag Team GX Metal RR
084/173 Alolan Diglett Metal
085/173 Alolan Dugtrio Metal
086/173 Magnemite Metal
087/173 Magneton Metal
088/173 Magnezone Metal
089/173 MawileGX Metal RR
090/173 Jirachi Metal
091/173 Jirachi Prism Star Metal PR
092/173 Meltan Metal
093/173 Melmetal Metal
094/173 Togepi & Cleffa & IgglybuffTag Team GX Fairy RR
095/173 Alolan NinetalesGX Fairy RR
096/173 Cleffa Fairy
097/173 Cottonee Fairy
098/173 Whimsicott Fairy
099/173 Garchomp & GiratinaTag Team GX Dragon RR
100/173 RayquazaGX Dragon RR
101/173 Ultra NecrozmaGX Dragon RR
102/173 Moltres & Zapdos & ArticunoTag Team GX Colorless RR
103/173 Pidgey Colorless
104/173 Pidgeotto Colorless
105/173 Meowth Colorless
106/173 Persian Colorless
107/173 Kangaskhan Colorless
108/173 Ditto Prism Star Colorless PR
109/173 Eevee Colorless
110/173 Porygon Colorless
111/173 Porygon2 Colorless
112/173 Porygon-Z Colorless
113/173 Glameow Colorless
114/173 Munchlax Colorless
115/173 Audino Colorless
116/173 Pikipek Colorless
117/173 Trumbeak Colorless
118/173 Electropower I
119/173 Electropower I
120/173 Custom Catcher I
121/173 Acro Bike I
122/173 Acro Bike I
123/173 Electromagnetic Radar I
124/173 Electromagnetic Radar I
125/173 Net Ball I
126/173 Beast Ring I
127/173 Cherish Ball I
128/173 Adventure Bag I
129/173 Pokégear 3.0 I
130/173 Pokégear 3.0 I
131/173 Pokémon Communication I
132/173 Pokémon Communication I
133/173 Fire Crystal I
134/173 Mysterious Treasure I
135/173 Mysterious Treasure I
136/173 Reset Stamp I
137/173 Reset Stamp I
138/173 Lost Blender I
139/173 Counter Gain I
140/173 Karate Belt I
141/173 Spell Tag I
142/173 Metal Core Barrier I
143/173 U-Turn Board I
144/173 Cyrus Prism Star Su PR
145/173 Professor Elm’s Lecture Su
146/173 Erika’s Hospitality Su
147/173 Misty & Lorelei Su
148/173 Diantha Su
149/173 Sightseer Su
150/173 Faba Su
151/173 Giovanni’s Exile Su
152/173 Bellelba & Brycen-Man Su
153/173 Volkner Su
154/173 Green’s Exploration Su
155/173 Morty Su
156/173 Mina Su
157/173 Welder Su
158/173 Lisia Su
159/173 Red’s Challenge Su
160/173 Shrine of Punishment St
161/173 Martial Arts Dojo St
162/173 Giant Hearth St
163/173 Thunder Mountain Prism Star St PR
164/173 Mt. Coronet St
165/173 Viridian Forest St
166/173 Heat Factory Prism Star St PR
167/173 Black Market Prism Star St PR
168/173 Life Forest Prism Star St PR
169/173 Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star St PR
170/173 Super Boost Energy Prism Star Colorless E PR
171/173 Triple Acceleration Energy Colorless E
172/173 Beast Energy Prism Star Colorless E PR
173/173 Recycle Energy Colorless E
174/173 WishiwashiGX Water SR
175/173 DedenneGX Lightning SR
176/173 Espeon & DeoxysTag Team GX Psychic SR
177/173 Espeon & DeoxysTag Team GX Psychic SR
178/173 Trevenant & DusknoirTag Team GX Psychic SR
179/173 Trevenant & DusknoirTag Team GX Psychic SR
180/173 JirachiGX Psychic SR
181/173 Umbreon & DarkraiTag Team GX Darkness SR
182/173 Umbreon & DarkraiTag Team GX Darkness SR
183/173 WeavileGX Darkness SR
184/173 MelmetalGX Metal SR
185/173 Togepi & Cleffa & IgglybuffTag Team GX Fairy SR
186/173 Togepi & Cleffa & IgglybuffTag Team GX Fairy SR
187/173 EeveeGX Colorless SR
188/173 EeveeGX Colorless SR
189/173 Will Su SR
190/173 Erika’s Hospitality Su SR
191/173 Misty & Lorelei Su SR
192/173 Sightseer Su SR
193/173 Blue’s Tactics Su SR
194/173 Bellelba & Brycen-Man Su SR
195/173 Hapu Su SR
196/173 Green’s Exploration Su SR
197/173 Roxie Su SR
198/173 Mina Su SR
199/173 Clay Su SR
200/173 Welder Su SR
201/173 Red’s Challenge Su SR
202/173 Grass Energy Grass E SR
203/173 Fire Energy Fire E SR
204/173 Water Energy Water E SR
205/173 Lightning Energy Lightning E SR
206/173 Psychic Energy Psychic E SR
207/173 Fighting Energy Fighting E SR
208/173 Darkness Energy Darkness E SR
209/173 Metal Energy Metal E SR
210/173 Fairy Energy Fairy E SR
211/173 WishiwashiGX Water HR
212/173 Espeon & DeoxysTag Team GX Psychic HR
213/173 Trevenant & DusknoirTag Team GX Psychic HR
214/173 JirachiGX Psychic HR
215/173 Umbreon & DarkraiTag Team GX Darkness HR
216/173 WeavileGX Darkness HR
217/173 MelmetalGX Metal HR
218/173 Togepi & Cleffa & IgglybuffTag Team GX Fairy HR
219/173 EeveeGX Colorless HR
220/173 Reshiram & CharizardTag Team GX Fire UR
221/173 Pikachu & ZekromTag Team GX Lightning UR
222/173 Mewtwo & MewTag Team GX Psychic UR
223/173 Greninja & ZoroarkTag Team GX Darkness UR
224/173 Lucario & MelmetalTag Team GX Metal UR
225/173 Garchomp & GiratinaTag Team GX Dragon UR
226/173 Moltres & Zapdos & ArticunoTag Team GX Colorless UR
Grass Energy Grass E
Fire Energy Fire E
Water Energy Water E
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E
Psychic Energy Psychic E
Darkness Energy Darkness E
Metal Energy Metal E
Fairy Energy Fairy E


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