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Persona 4 – The Golden Game Soundtrack

$ 39.95

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The eerie yellow turns into gold.Persona 4 gets an upgrade when it makes it debut on the PS Vita. The Golden Original Soundtrack consist of 15 tracks, all of them are new compositions or arranged tracks. Kick start with Shadow World, the theme song. Feel the thrumming of your blood as you head into the hip and nostalgic TV World. Since the game follows the school calendar, the soundtrack contains music that represent the four seasons and all the important days. Go to the seaside with the Persona 4 cast, and feel the Snow Flakes floating down. From the heavy rock battle themes to the comical festival music, this soundtrack encompasses everything that is refreshing in the game.

Disc 1


01 Shadow World 4:43
02 Time To Make History 2:31
03 Umi e Ikou ze 2:43
04 Everyday Sunshine 3:19
05 True Story 3:19
06 Mayonaka Oudan Miracle Quiz 2:01
07 A Sky Full Of Stars 2:46
08 Minna de Hatsumoude 0:53
09 Yukemuri Ryojou Dai Sakusen 0:26
11 Utsuro no Mori no Shoujo 3:09
12 Kioku 3:20
13 Never More ~okaeri~ 0:42
14 SNOWFLAKES -powder snow mix- 4:22
15 Shin Mitsuo Tensei 3:04

Disc length 40:44

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