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[DISPLAY] Monster Hunter 3 (tri) Original Soundtrack


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Discount applied for buying full box quantity. Monster Hunter Standard Model, Stone and Anger versions are boxes of 6. Best of is boxes of 9.

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Disc: 1

  1. Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)
  2. Intivation from the Guild
  3. The Door to the Hunter Life
  4. Village on the Sea, Moga
  5. Sea of Fertility/Deserted Island
  6. Usurper of the Deserted Island/Great Jaggi
  7. Too Bad!
  8. Well Cooked! [3(Tri) Version] [Version]
  9. Rising Beat
  10. Tremble of the Sea and Land/Lagiacrus
  11. Success!!!
  12. Poogies Great Delight [3(Tri) Version] [Version]
  13. Land of Heat Haze and Meteors/Sandy Plains
  14. Earth Sand and Firey Winds/Barroth
  15. The Sprouting Farm
  16. The Primordial Might River/Flooded Forest
  17. Trao of the Muddy Stream/Gobul
  18. The Ship Has Arrived
  19. The Call of Tranquility/Tundra
  20. The Subzero White Knight/Barioth
  21. Lullaby of Rippling Waves
  22. Mountain of Sparls/Volcano
  23. Sound of the Great Mountain/Agnaktor
  24. Story Teller
  25. The End That is Handed Down
  26. The Lunar Abys
  27. Moonquake/Ceadeus
  28. Everlasting Words
  29. To One with Life


Disc: 2

  1. The Great Desert Post, Loc Lac
  2. Strawhut Memories
  3. Barley Field Walkway
  4. Hunter of the Violent Sands
  5. Cazador del Monstruo
  6. Inseparable Bond/Arena
  7. Give Your Back/Arena
  8. Loc Lac’s Great Thanksgiving
  9. A Moment of Rest
  10. Story of the Underwater Ruin
  11. A Masterful Beer After Work
  12. The Voracious Devil/Deviljho
  13. Failure!!!
  14. Lots Well Cooked!!!
  15. Shooting Star and Airship
  16. A Luxurious Time
  17. Loc Lac, Become Eternal
  18. Even Hunters Want to Dance
  19. The Time Has Come
  20. Jhen that Rides the Sea of Sand
  21. Intercepting the Great Gong
  22. Triumphant Song

  23. Testament of a Hero [3(Tri) Version]

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