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Metroid – Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks


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A double-CD set containing all soundtracks from the 3-D action game. A reversible booklet included.

Disc 1


02Menu Select1:52


04Frigate Orpheon2:45

05VS. Parasite Queen1:36

06Frigate Orpheon Escape1:31

07Planet Tallon IV4:17

08Ancient Chozo Ruins2:17

09VS. Hive Totem1:39

10VS. Giant Beetle0:45

11Chozo Ruins4:13

12Energy Core1:20

13VS. Flaahgra2:20

14Lava Caves (Burning Trail)0:42

15Lava Caves4:46

16Ice Valley3:40

17Ice Chapel1:20

18Space Pirates (Laboratory Gate)0:58

19VS. Space Pirates1:50

20VS. Thardus1:41

21Tallon Overworld3:57

22Chozo Elder Cathedral1:13

23VS. Chozo Ghost0:57

24Ice Valley (Phendrana Deep Lake Area)4:24

25Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon3:51

26Phazon Mines0:53

27Phazon Area0:57

28VS. Omega Pirate1:47

29Artifact Temple1:36

30VS. Meta Ridley1:18

31Artifact Temple ~ (Chozo Seal Release)0:39

32Impact Crater0:31

33VS. Metroid Prime (Spider)2:37

34VS. Metroid Prime (Head)2:46

35Temple Collapse ~ Epilogue1:03

36Ending Staff Roll3:13

37End Jingle0:13

38Record of Samus2:52

39Samus Appearance Jingle0:09

40Item Obtainment Jingle0:09

41Artifact Obtainment Jingle0:08

Disc length 77:58
Disc 2

01Metroid Fusion Arrange Version5:19


03Sector 1 (SRX) SR388 Reproduction Area2:51

04Environment Sound (Silence 1)0:46

05Environment Sound (Tension)0:42

06Environment Sound (Shock)0:28

07Head to the Huge Bio-Reactions1:47

08Tension Before a Confrontation0:39

09VS. Marukara1:30

10X Invasion Detection1:24

11Navigation Room0:48

12VS. Core-X, Birdman Statue Second Form1:08

13Environment Sound (Disquieting)0:38

14Sector 2 (TRO) Tropics Area1:34

15VS. Zazabi, Varia Core-X1:45

16Environment Sound (Silence 2)1:05

17Sector 4 (AQA) Water Level Control Area4:23

18VS. Ishtar, Gedu1:43

19Sector 3 (PYR) High Temperature Zone Area2:09

20VS. Box0:48

21Sector 6 (NOC) Darkness Area2:59

22SA-X Appearance0:39

23Sector 5 (ARC) Low Temperature Zone Area1:11

24Sector 3 Emergency Occurrence0:32

25Sector 3 Cooling Device Restoration Timer Mission2:44

26Environment Sound (Intrigue)0:57

27VS. Birdman Statue First Form0:47

28VS. Nightmare1:02

29Sector 4 (AQA) Underwater Area2:36

30VS. Neo Ridley0:56

31The Last Order1:16

32VS. SA-X0:36

33Station Escape Timer Mission0:56



36Appearance Jingle0:07

37Item Obtainment Jingle0:08

Disc length 54:45

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