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Magic the Gathering – Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster Packs

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Modern Horizons 2 continues where the first edition left off and provides even more powerful cards and an even more complex level of gameplay. Designed to be introduced straight to Modern and Eternal formats, Modern Horizons 2 is the ideal set for players looking for the card that will push their deck to the next level!
The set booster is a new booster opening experience. Designed to lead you through the set under a new light, each of the card slot has been thematically thought-out to surprise you. The set booster can contain more than 1 foil card and several rares and/or mythic cards.
Content: 30 boosters. Each booster contains :
  • 1 art card
  • 1 basic land
  • 6 thematically connected commons and/or uncommons
  • 1 card with unique design (showcase card or card with a design unique to the set)
  • 2 cards with random rarities (mythic, rare, uncommon or common, 2 identical rarities are possible)
  • 1 rare or mythic card
  • 1 foil card
  • 1 token, ad or The List card

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