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Ichiban Kuji – Spy x Family – Embark on A Mission

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Kuji Tickets are drawn from a box containing all the tickets, to add some control you can decide where the staff member pulls your ticket from in relation to the box.

Pull Tickets From

Pull the tickets from the following area of the Kuji Box

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A Prize: Figure Remaining: 3/4 B Prize: Plush Remaining: 0/2 C Prize: Blanket Remaining: 0/2 D Prize: Plate Remaining: 0/2 E Prize: Plate / Cup(2pcs/1set) Remaining: 5/6
F Prize: Charm / Cord Band / Coaster Remaining: 6/18 G Prize: Acrylic Stand Remaining: 7/14 H Prize: Folder Set (2pcs/1set) Remaining: 9/20 I Prize: Mini Figure Remaining: 5/12 FINAL PRIZE

Customer who purchases the last ticket will be given an exclusive prize. Standard shipping fees apply. Please be aware that prizes are drawn at random. The Ichiban Kuji System This system from Japan allocates random prizes. By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a ticket that will allocate to you one of the items displayed. Please be aware that staff and management do not have any input on which items you will be allocated, and cannot arrange for any items allocated to you to be swapped through the store. All fragile items will be safely bubble-wrapped prior to dispatch. In the event that your items are deemed excessively fragile, you may receive an e-mail from our online team to suggest altering your chosen postage method.

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Weight 0.536 kg
Dimensions 23 × 22 × 16 cm


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