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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack: Limited Edition 4Cds + 1 DVD


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Original soundtrack release of PS3 & Xbox360 game “FINAL FANTASYXIII-2” by SQUARE ENIX. Composed by Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, andMitsuto Suzuki. Comes with a bonus DVD. *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

Disc 1

01FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Overture2:12
02Warrior Goddess2:56
03FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – Wishes –1:57
04Etro’s Champion2:16
05Eternal War3:52
06Divine Conflict3:22
07An Arrow Through Time2:42
09Giant’s Fist3:02
10A World Without Cocoon3:40
11Full Speed Ahead3:54
12Noel’s Theme4:21
13New Bodhum5:39
14New Bodhum – Aggressive Mix –5:45
15Paradigm Shift3:50
16Glory’s Fanfare1:54
17Groovy Chocobo4:29
18FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – The Future –2:47
19Historia Crux4:28
20Worlds Collide3:23

Disc length70:34
Disc 2

01Unseen Intruder7:02
02Unseen Intruder – Aggressive Mix –6:39
03The Last Hunter5:39
04Blessed Fanfare2:03
05The Story So Far…2:04
06Missing Link4:05
07Memories for the Future3:30
09Eclipse – Aggressive Mix –4:28
10Hope’s Theme – Tomorrow’s Dream –2:33
11Song of the Farseers6:46
12Village and Void5:32
13Village and Void – Aggressive Mix –5:29
14Temporal Rift3:22
15Oracle Drive3:09
16Caius’s Theme3:14
17Eyes of Etro2:16
18Parallel Worlds3:26
19Parallel Worlds – Aggressive Mix –3:16

Disc length78:09
Disc 3

01The Void Beyond4:02
03Limit Break!6:33
04Starting Over5:21
05Starting Over – Aggressive Mix –5:21
06Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan with Flan2:05
07Plains of Eternity3:36
08Plains of Eternity – Aggressive Mix –3:31
10Chocobo Rodeo2:02
11All or Nothing5:39
12Threat Level Omega2:18
13Chaotic Guardian5:41
14Yeul’s Theme6:45
15Feral Link2:40
16Augusta Tower2:40
17Augusta Tower – Aggressive Mix –2:51
19Academia Theme3:27

Disc length74:46
Disc 4

01A Fading Miracle2:45
02Crazy Chocobo1:56
03Shadow of Valhalla4:46
04Countless Partings3:48
05Hollow Seclusion – Game Over –2:24
06Serah’s Theme – Memories –2:48
07Noel’s Theme – Final Journey –4:21
08Lightning’s Theme – Unprotected Future –3:48
09Etro’s Gate2:12
10Tears of the Goddess2:07
11Labyrinth of Chaos5:03
12Time’s Master4:21
13Heart of Chaos3:00
14Promise to the Future3:55
15Unseen Abyss4:45
16Eternal Paradox5:56
17World of Hope1:56
18Metashield Deployed1:16
19The Goddess is Dead1:55
20Closing Credits9:52
21Track 214:58

Disc length77:52
Disc 5

01Special DVD9:39

Disc length9:39



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