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Japan Ex.

Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack


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Original soundtrack release of PS2 game released in 2006 including BGM composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto (“Vagrant Story,” “Final Fantasy Tactics,””Radiant Silvergun”). Comes also main title “Kibo” and “Kiss Me Good Byefeature in Final Fantasy XII” song performed by Angela Aki and composed by Nobuo Uematsu! The complete set with 100 BGM comes on 4 discs. (Contains is the same as SVWC-7351 reference).

Disc 1


01Demo Movie1:36
03Opening Movie (FFXII Theme)6:57
04Into the Fortress3:09
05Boss Battle3:24
06Shadow Play3:13
07Training in the Sewers2:09
08Small Favors0:08
09Streets of Rabanastre5:28
10Penelo’s Theme2:57
11To Be a Sky Pirate0:35
13The Dalmasca Estersand4:03
14Level Up!0:07
15Heart of a Child3:01
16Cooperation (Imperial Version)2:48
17Winds of Change2:21
18Mission Accepted0:08
20Mission Failed0:13
21Quiet Resolve3:33
22The Dalmasca Westersand1:34
23The Clan Hall2:47
24Found Money0:09
25Giza Plains4:43
26Parting Ways0:31
27The Garamsythe Waterway2:55
30Nalbina Fortress2:22

Disc length73:36
Disc 2

02Flash of Steel2:35
03Victory Fanfare (FFXII Version)0:29
05Gathering Storm (Imperial Version)2:00
06Balthier’s Promise0:37
07Game Over0:22
08Nalbina Dungeons4:35
09Among Savages2:29
10Drums of War2:46
11The Arcadian Empire7:50
12Chocobo Theme (FFXII Arrangement, Version 1)2:49
13The Barheim Passage3:51
14Sorrow (Resistence Version)3:36
15I Give You My Word0:57
16Cooperation (Resistence Version)2:50
17The Skycity of Bhujerba3:48
18The Stone’s Secret3:24
19Black of Night (Imperial Version)2:00
20Giving Chase2:33
21On the Bridge of Leviathan3:54
22Defying the Empire3:19
23The Razor’s Edge3:16
24Discord (Imperial Version)3:13
25The Tomb of Raithwall3:36

Disc length73:33
Disc 3

01The Yensan Sandsea2:21
02Battle with an Esper3:23
03Sorrow (Imperial Version)2:49
04Lust for Power3:13
05Life and Death2:44
06Jahara – Land of the Garif4:59
07Ozmone Plains2:30
08Golmore Jungle3:50
09Eruyt Village4:13
10Try to Grow Up0:13
11Chocobo Theme (FFXII Version)2:04
12Threat Impendent2:45
13Battle on the Big Bridge (FFXII Version)2:46
14Discarded Power2:36
15The Stilshrine of Miriam3:24
17Room of White3:45
18The Salikawood2:37
19Phon Coast3:59
20The Fates2:58
21The Sochen Cave Palace3:39
22A Moment’s Rest4:32
23On the Riverbank3:12
24The Mosphoran Highwaste2:50

Disc length73:32
Disc 4

01The Cerobi Steppe3:13
02The Esper2:45
03The Port at Balfonheim2:14
05Zertinan Caverns3:23
06Realm of Memory4:01
07The Forgotten City4:16
08The Feywood4:15
09Ashe’s Theme5:30
10The Mystery of Giruvegan2:40
11To Walk Amongst Gods3:24
12The Final Act3:37
14Sky Fortress Bahamut3:22
15Bahamut Shudders0:42
16Struggle for Freedom8:52
17Struggle’s End1:14
18Ending Movie6:19
19Kiss Me Good-Bye -featured in FINAL FANTASY XII-4:59
20Symphonic Poem “Hope” ~FINAL FANTASY XII PV ver.~3:55
21Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII (Press Conference Version)3:06

Disc length73:51


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