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Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack


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Original soundtrack release to DS game “Chrono Trigger” featuring BGM songs on 3 discs. Includes bonus DVD. *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

Disc 1


01A Premonition0:35
02Chrono Trigger2:33
03Morning Glow0:39
04Peaceful Days2:55
05Green Memories3:48
06Guardia’s Millennial Fair3:27
07Gato’s Song0:41
08Strange Occurrences1:47
09Yearnings of the Wind3:24
10Good Night0:10
11Secret of the Forest4:56
13Guardia Castle ~Pride & Glory~3:30
15The Cathedral0:46
16A Prayer for the Wayfarer0:13
17Light of Silence2:25
18Boss Battle 11:26
19Frog’s Theme1:23
20Fanfare 10:49
21The Trial3:55
22The Hidden Truth1:10
23Critical Moment2:08
24Crono & Marle ~A Distant Promise~ (Arrange Version 1)0:39
25Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 1)2:04
26Ayla’s Theme (Arrange Version)1:32
27Frog’s Theme (Arrange Version)1:59

Disc length50:50

Disc 2


01A Desolate World2:40
02Mystery from the Past0:08
03Site 161:38
04Those Without the Will to Live3:09
05Lavos’s Theme5:06
06The Last Day of the World1:22
07Johnny of the Robo Gang1:36
08Bike Chase1:12
09Robo’s Theme1:34
10Derelict Factory3:12
11Battle 2 (UNRELEASED TRACK)1:37
12Fanfare 20:09
13At the End of Time2:33
14Jolly Ol’ Spekkio2:43
15Fanfare 30:08
16Creeping through the Sewers2:32
17Boss Battle 22:15
18Primeval Mountain3:13
19Ayla’s Theme1:34
20Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky1:56
21Burn! Bobonga!1:35
22The Fiendlord’s Keep0:29
23Strains of Insanity1:29
24Magus Confronted2:51
25Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 2)0:36
26Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 3)0:28
27Schala’s Theme (Arrange Version)1:39

Disc length49:24Disc 3


01Singing Mountain (UNRELEASED TRACK)2:07
02Tyranno Lair4:02
03Depths of the Night2:35
04Corridor of Time3:03
05Zeal Palace3:58
06Schala’s Theme2:54
07Sealed Door2:57
08Ocean Palace3:22
09Crono & Marle ~A Distant Promise~1:54
10The Epoch ~Wings of Time~3:26
11Black Omen3:08
13World Revolution4:07
14The Final Battle3:45
15Festival of Stars2:31
16Epilogue ~To My Dear Friends~2:21
17Outskirts of Time4:28
18Ending – Burn! Bobonga!~Frog’s Theme~Outskirts of Time (Arrange Version)2:14
19Crono & Marle ~A Distant Promise~ (Arrange Version 2)0:46
20One Sunny Day When We Met3:22
21Scattering Blossoms3:12
22A Meeting with Destiny3:10
23Time to Rest ~After the Battle~3:43
24Extras Mode ~Frog’s Theme Intro Plus~1:48

Disc length69:48Disc 4


01Yasunori Mitsuda Special Interview8:14
02Chrono Trigger ~Orchestra Version~ Music Video2:12
03Chrono Trigger Medley ~Orchestra Version~ Music Video4:18

Disc length14:44



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