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Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack


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Reissued soundtrack to Yasunori Mitsuda’s amazing soundtrack to the PlayStation game “Chrono Cross.” Includes reworked versions of themes originally included in the legendary “Chrono Trigger” game by the same composer as well as tons of new tracks recorded in high quality sound! 3-disc set.


Disc 1

01CHRONO CROSS ~The Scars of Time~2:29
02The Brink of Death2:38
03Arni Village: Home3:23
04The Grasslands of Time: Home World3:26
05Dance with the Lizards2:41
06Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~3:25
07On the Shores of a Dream: Another World2:22
08Arni Village: Another3:32
09Ephemeral Feelings2:51
10Lost Fragments3:12
11Fossil Valley2:00
12Termina: Another2:43
13Those Who Have Departed3:43
14Shadow Forest3:25
15Viper Manor2:54
16Victory ~Gift of Spring~0:56
17Lost Child of Time3:24
18Guldove: Another3:26
19Hydra Marshes3:10
20Fragments of a Dream1:35
21Voyage: Another World2:32
22Ghost Ship2:00
23Mount Pyre3:39
24Fort Dragonia3:54

Disc length 69:40
Disc 2

01The Beginning of the Dream0:42
02The Bend of Time2:47
03Termina: Home3:38
04The Dragoons3:01
05Voyage: Home World3:22
06Guldove: Home3:58
07Marbule: Home2:55
09The Super Astonishingly Great Magic Troupe1:31
14Isle of the Damned3:11
15The Dead Sea – Tower of Geddon3:10
16Those Imprisoned by Fate3:26
17Light, Already Lost0:32
18Earth Dragon Isle3:16
19Gaea’s Navel2:59
21Victory ~Call of Summer~0:53
22Marbule: Another3:00
23Magic from the Fairies0:13
24Etude 10:12
25Etude 20:14
26MAGICAL DREAMERS ~Wind, Stars, and Waves~3:31

Disc length 59:50
Disc 3

01Sea of Eden2:45
03FATES ~God of Destiny~3:10
04Jellyfish Sea2:55
05Orphanage in Flames2:44
06The Girl Who Stole the Stars3:48
07The Dream Time Dreams4:01
08Prayer of the Dragons5:37
09Terra Tower2:26
10Frozen Flame2:54
11Dragon God3:21
12In the Darkness of Time0:42
13Life ~A Distant Promise~6:32
14Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~1:39
15RADICAL DREAMERS ~Le Trésor Interdit~4:35
16Fragments of a Dream2:00

Disc length 53:21


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