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Here at Critical Hit, we know that the demand for an online pre-ordering system has been high. Pre-ordering an item guarantees your order, allowing you to rest easy and not worry about missing out on release day. To offer our customers this peace of mind, Critical Hit is happy to offer a pre-order service for select items through our webstore.

Placing an order on a pre-order product in our webstore will lock in stock from our allocation, to be put aside specifically for you. Once your order has arrived in store in full, it will be dispatched to you.

Please be aware that each pre-order is limited to a number based on the allocation we have from our supplier. Once that allocation is reached, the pre-order will be closed. As each order affects our ordering habits and attracts transaction surcharges from our suppliers, the following change of mind policy is in place for pre-orders:

Pre-Order Change of Mind Standard Pre-Order Special Pre-Order*
Before Arrival in Store 20% of total price returned as store credit, any excess refunded 50% of total price non-refundable, any excess refunded
After arrival in Store 20% of total price non-refundable, any excess refunded 50% of total price non-refundable, any excess refunded

*Special Pre-order refers to pre-orders on products that we would not normally stock. It will be specifically listed on the website listing if this is the case.

Certain aspects of pre-orders are out of our control and therefore in certain situations the pre-order may not arrive as described to us. In those situations the following exceptional circumstances are alllowed:

Circumstance Customer is entitled to:
Product arrives significantly different to as advertised A full refund
Product is unable to be offered at the original price A full refund
Product arrives outside original timeframe A full refund if requested prior to arrival in store

Please note that some damages may occur during the process of delivering items to us. While our suppliers take care to provide us with items in the way the manufacturer intended, unfortunately there may be situations where the manufacturer’s own packaging is faulty or not to individual customer expectations. Please understand that our damages policy applies to all pre-orders, and that we will not be able to provide cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on items that fall under the category of ‘Not Covered Damage’.