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Please note that this information is available in regard to online pre-orders and that laybys are not regularly available through our online store.
For all layby orders, a minimum 20% deposit is required. This deposit is non-returnable under any circumstances, although it may be transferred to other item(s) or order(s) under exceptional circumstances.
Any amounts that have been paid past the minimum deposit are eligible for store credit exchange.
From the date the initial deposit is made, you will have two (2) months to complete the total payment of your layby. If the completion of payment within 2 months in not possible, you must contact our staff within that 2 month period to arrange for an extension. To receive an extension on your layby, you must be making regular payments.
If no contact is made within the 2 month period and no extension is granted, your layby will automatically default and your order will be cancelled. In the case of a default, laybys will not be eligible for refund or exchange unless under exceptional circumstances, to be determined at the discretion of a store manager.
Please be aware that these conditions are in place to cover the costs of extended storage and of those who neglect their orders, and that it is only through the offering of these terms that we are able to offer laybys and extended order collections.
Please be aware that clearance items and video games are not able to be placed on layby.