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Australian Indent Order

Work in Progress: This is a new thing we are trying. There will be some teething issues but let us know if you have any specific requests or ideas about how you would like to see this information used.

This list includes a huge list of items available from our suppliers in Australia. By default it is sorted by Pre-Order Deadline, with the closest to deadline listed first, branching through all pre-orders and then including any available stock and pre-orders past deadline that may still be able to be sourced.

Please be aware that this list is automatically generated and errors might appear. Certain errors or the supplier entry and data capture side may not be able to be resolved. This can affect any field. Where the image does not appear will also mean the supplier did not have an image at time of data capture.

Explaining Fields:

Price: Prices included here are calculated by a formula, in some cases these may be inaccurate of different to prices on our website based on the currency/fees at time of import. This price is to be used as a guide and we may need to alter prices at time of order based on external factors.

Release Date: This is the date for the stock to arrive at our suppliers in Aus. Please allow a week or two for stock to arrive.

Availability: Pre-Order can basically be guaranteed as long as the order goes in before the Pre-order deadline. Tentative or Backorder needs to be confirmed, email us and we can place an order but it is not guaranteed. In stock is stock that the supplier has ready to go so we should be able to freely order.

Pre-Order Deadline: This is our deadline for getting orders in. To make sure that your order gets in please make sure to contact us a few days in advance.

How to Use: If you would like to search for a specific product or series if you click in the spreadsheet and use Search(Ctrl+F) you can search for a series, title or any header listed.

If there is an item you would like more info on please email us at [email protected] and include that it is an indent order and copy and paste the row(s) of the item(s) you are after. Please also note if you just want more info or would like to buy outright. When sending us this info please note that the Barcode is the most helpful field to send.

Direct Link to Doc

If the document below isn’t loading quick enough you can visit the document directly here:

Known Issues:
Some products are listed multiple times.
Some products appear under the wrong category