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Damage Policy

Each product we receive undergoes a large amount of travel to reach the store, often crossing countries before it reaches us. From there we also have to package up items to be shipped to you. These shipments often involve packaging items outside of case quantity and therefore are at risk of some damage. Due to our reliance on external entities for delivery and production of items unfortunately in isolated cases some products may arrive damaged.
Please be aware that whilst we try to avoid all damage, certain minor blemishes are unavoidable and therefore refunds or exchanges will not be available. Please see the following for a guide on what type of damage is covered.
Covered Damage
Broken or Damaged Product – Where the product has arrived with a part broken off or is not able to provide its intended function due to damage.
Products that have arrived in this state are eligible for an exchange if stock is available pending the return of the damaged merchandise. If a product is not available to be sent in exchange then a refund for the damaged item or credit towards another item will be given after receiving the faulty item back.
Optional Return Damage
Blemishes and cosmetic damage – Damage where the product is still suitable for it’s desired purpose. Examples of this include scratches and small paint errors.
If you believe your product has one of these minor blemishes we are willing to exchange the product for you should you bring it into the store or pay for shipping the product you received in and for shipping the product you received back to you.
In the case where you believe the blemish to be substantial to the degree where it would be classified as a fault please email through to us with pictures and we will open a case to discern whether the product is eligible under covered damage. Please be aware that this service is only available on orders totalling $75 or higher due to the high cost in shipping exchanged products. If you are making a small order but want to ensure the quality of your goods please consider our order screening service detailed above.
Not Covered Damage
Damage not related to the product – Where any damage present is to the shipping box or the packaging of the product.
Our orders are packed specifically to protect all products including the packaging they come in. Unfortunately due to the rough nature of delivery drivers and the fact we are unable to avoid using Australia Post for certain addresses we are unable to promise the arrival of pristine boxes all the time. If you have a specific requirement for boxes to arrive in immaculate conditions please email us first and we will give you the options for additional protection and preferred couriers groups to give you the best chance of your stock arriving in pristine condition.
Pop Protector Shipping Options

On each pop page we offer the ability to ship within a Pop! Protector. Please be aware this does not change any of the restrictions above in regards to box damage, however it is a recommended service for those of you who want to keep your Pop! in as high quality as possible.

We recommend using this service on any limited pops as they often cannot be replaced once sold out. Attached below are examples of the pressure the Protectors are able to handle.

.35mm Protector
2mm Protector

You can purchase the protectors without including a Pop Vinyl here:
2mm Protector

.35mm Protector