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Midnight Launch Event
To celebrate the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch, we are running our first ever Midnight Launch! We're hoping to make it a big one and will be running discounts and prizes throughout the night. The store will open at 10pm on Thursday November 14th, with games available at midnight! For those who ordered online and originally selected a shipping method, feel free to contact us if you would like to pick it up on the night instead! You can visit the page for the event here.

The Bad News
Unfortunately there is some bad news as well. Nintendo has reduced their allocation for Australia of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Dual Pack with Gold Tin. Our supplier is only receiving 1.6% of what was originally offered to them and this reduction has been passed on to us and will hit other stores soon as well. This mainly affects most orders for the Dual Pack. Currently Nintendo is offering no alternative, remedy, or solution for this sudden cut, so we are taking it upon ourselves to try and make up for their under allocation. Our Gold Tins will be allocated to the people who ordered first, but these people are all able to give up their Gold Tin for access to our offers detailed below. Please be aware at this stage there does not appear to be a shortage of the games themselves; only the Dual Pack with the bonus Steelbook is affected.

How bad is it? Do I get the Steelbook?
We are still trying to access more stock of the Dual Pack and will continue to do so until release. At this stage if your order ID is over 45650 we currently do not have a steelbook to offer you. If you have missed out the offer below is available.

The solution
For anyone who ordered the Dual Pack but will be missing out on the steelbook, or who prefers this offer over the steelbook, we have an offer for a standard copy of each game (Sword + Shield) as well as a choice between one of two exclusive Japanese imports as pre-order bonuses specified below! Please confirm your choice by October 31st (choices made after this date might not have access to all options). By selecting any of these bonuses you will not be eligible for a steelbook.

Bonus Option 1: Pokemon Japanese TCG: High Class Pack Tag Team GX Tag All Stars
This is an exclusive Booster Pack from Japan. It is in very high demand and we have very limited stock, which we are currently only offering as a pre-order bonus. The offer is for 1 pack as a bonus (RRP $11.95). Description (taken from Bulbapedia):

As the final major release of the Sun & Moon Era, the High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars acts as a retrospective of the Tag Team block of expansions, much in the same way The Best of XY was for the XY and XY BREAK Eras. As such, it contains a large amount of reprinted cards from around this period, featuring the focal Tag Teams from the Tag BoltDouble Blaze, and Miracle Twin expansions, and Night UnisonFull Metal WallGG End, and Sky Legend subsets, as well as other popular Pokémon-GX cards. Several Pokémon included in the subset feature artwork previously exclusive to cards available outside Japan.

Much like the preceding High Class Pack GX Ultra Shiny, Tag All Stars includes a large amount of Secret cards—53 in total—among which include Full Art and Rainbow Rare versions of Pokémon-GX that received only Regular prints in standalone products, Full Art versions of previously-released Trainer cards, and embossed Holofoil versions of the basic Energy cards. The seven focal Tag Teams from previous expansions and subsets also receive gold Ultra-Rare prints for a total of 226 cards. Tag All Stars also has a parallel foil set—each card without a rarity symbol features a Mirror Holofoil variant. Combined with the standard set and 9 generic basic Energy cards, this creates a master set of 369 cards.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards instead of the usual 5, including 1 guaranteed Pokémon-GX card, 2 Holofoil cards, 1 Energy card, and 1 parallel foil card. Energy cards are always Mirror Holofoil unless a pack includes a Super-Rare version of one. Approximately 1 out of every 250 packs may contain 10 Super-Rare cards in addition to the Energy card, colloquially referred to as "god packs" in other TCG circles, and a first for the Pokémon TCG in Japan.

Bonus Option 2: Pokemon Netsuke Swing Gachapon
We are offering a choice of one of these five pictured gachapon toys as an alternative pre-order bonus to the Japanese Pokemon TCG Booster Pack. These gachapon toys can be attached to keys or a bag. We are receiving a bag of random allocation but will do our best to get you your character of choice. If you would prefer, we can also provide you with one randomly selected character instead. In either case, please ensure you clearly specify which character you would like if selecting this option. Please be aware that this Gacha is scheduled for release alongside the game in Japan. If there is a delay in shipment you will be able to select from any of the available Pokemon gacha in store as a replacement (for Pick-up or Shipped orders) or you may wait to receive your choice when they arrive (Pick-up orders only)

To take up any of these options please send an email to us at Please include your Order ID and choice of replacement bonus. As a reminder, the cutoff for all options is October 31st. After this point we cannot guarantee availability.

We are very sorry for not being able to supply what was promised but nothing can be done when Nintendo just decides to pull all the stock that was meant to be available for independent stores. If you are unhappy with the solutions offered you are eligible for a full refund and cancellation of your order as long as you let us know by November 11th.


Ichiban Kuji Live Streams

We just completed our first Ichiban Kuji Live Drawing Stream over on facebook and you can watch it back here: Dragon Ball Kuji Live Stream

For those unaware Ichiban Kuji is a lottery system where each individual exclusive prize is allotted a letter and prizes range from the much coveted A prize to small exclusive(often blind box) collectibles in the lower tiers.

The live streams allow us to release a brand new Kuji and draw all of the pre-orders at once live whilst also drawing any orders made during the Live Stream!

You can Pre-Order other upcoming Kuji or buy in stock ones below. If we reach enough pre-orders we will do live streams for them as well! See our facebook page for Kuji live stream announcements.


New Website Launch (Old order info)

Critical Hit transitioned backend cart software after 30/6/18. Please be aware that the majority of information was not able to be carried over. Products and customer emails were carried over, if you were a customer on the old site please check your email for new passwords. If you need old order information or anything else kept on the old website please email Please be aware that some products did not successfully carry over. We will be re-adding these products slowly. This website has launched with basic functionality. This new backend allows us to implement a lot of new features which we will also be adding periodically over the next few weeks.