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Ichiban Kuji Live Streams

We just completed our first Ichiban Kuji Live Drawing Stream over on facebook and you can watch it back here: Dragon Ball Kuji Live Stream

For those unaware Ichiban Kuji is a lottery system where each individual exclusive prize is allotted a letter and prizes range from the much coveted A prize to small exclusive(often blind box) collectibles in the lower tiers.

The live streams allow us to release a brand new Kuji and draw all of the pre-orders at once live whilst also drawing any orders made during the Live Stream!

You can Pre-Order other upcoming Kuji or buy in stock ones below. If we reach enough pre-orders we will do live streams for them as well! See our facebook page for Kuji live stream announcements.


New Website Launch (Old order info)

Critical Hit transitioned backend cart software after 30/6/18. Please be aware that the majority of information was not able to be carried over. Products and customer emails were carried over, if you were a customer on the old site please check your email for new passwords.

If you need old order information or anything else kept on the old website please email

Please be aware that some products did not successfully carry over. We will be re-adding these products slowly.

This website has launched with basic functionality. This new backend allows us to implement a lot of new features which we will also be adding periodically over the next few weeks.