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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG – The Dark Illusion Booster


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<p>Yugi’s legendary Dark Magician gets a big boost in August’s The Dark
Illusion booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. With the first
half of 2016 celebrating the Blue-Eyes cards of Yugi’s rival, Kaiba,
the second half of the year follows suit by powering up Yugi’s monsters
like the Dark Magician!<br><br>Yugi’s strategy relies on his famous
Spells and Traps, befitting the cunning and guile of a master magician.
The Dark Illusion gives Spellcasters access to powerful cards like
Magician Navigation, which Summons a Dark Magician from the hand and
another DARK Spellcaster of your choice right from the Deck! There’s
also the Dark Magical Circle, the famous “ring” seen on many of Yugi’s
cards, now finally made into a Spell Card in its own right.<br><br>The
Dark Illusion includes new monsters for Dark Magician Decks as well,
like the Magician of Dark Illusion, Magician’s Robe, Magician’s Rod, and
even a Toon Dark Magician that can Summon other Toons from your Deck!<br><br>The Dark Illusion also introduces four new themes:<br><br>Meet
the Metalfoes, a new Psychic theme of Fusion and Pendulum monsters that
ride high-tech monster-sized vehicles into battle! Metalfoes are easy
to Summon, come with high Attack Points, and have several powerful
Spells and Traps that boost their strength, Summon more monsters, and
help them draw more cards. Metalfoes Decks are fast and easy to build,
giving new and experienced players a great starting off point for
creating a new Deck.<br><br>Journey to the underground world and
discover colossal giants made from living rock, who use their gigantic
stats and awesome effects in a never-ending war against Shambhala, the
hidden city of mysteries!<br><br>Triamids are living pyramids, using
their pyramid power to put a brand new spin on the game. These EARTH
monsters gain their strength from the land itself, by using multiple
Field Spell Cards one after the other. Triamid Field Spells are designed
to be played and replaced, to then power up the mighty Triamid Sphinx
monster even from the Graveyard.<br><br>And SPYRAL sneaks into the fray,
a secretive organization using its super-spies and high-tech devices to
control the field. (What does SPYRAL stand for? Don’t ask – it’s a
secret!)<br><br>The Dark Illusion booster set contains 100 cards: 48 Commons, 20 Rares, 14 Super Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, and 8 Secret Rares.<br></p>


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