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Super Mario – 30th Anniversary Original Soundtrack


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<p><i><b>The 30th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. Music</b></i> is a compilation soundtrack featuring music from various <i>Super Mario</i> games from 1985 to 2015, including <i>Super Mario Bros.</i>, <i>Super Mario Bros. 3</i>, <i>Super Mario Land</i>, <i>Super Mario World</i>, <i>Super Mario 64</i>, <i>Super Mario Sunshine</i>, <i>New Super Mario Bros.</i>, <i>Super Mario Galaxy</i>, and <i>Super Mario 3D World</i>. It was released only in Japan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the <i>Super Mario</i> series.
</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><h3 class="spec-hl">Disc 1<br><br>01 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:09<br>02 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:38<br>03 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underwater BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:10<br>04 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Castle BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:27<br>05 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:05<br>06 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Athletic BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:14<br>07 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:54<br>08 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underwater BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:03<br>09 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Fortress BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:44<br>10 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Airship BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:15<br>11 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:24<br>12 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Muda Kingdom BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:03<br>13 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Chai Kingdom BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:54<br>14 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:02<br>15 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Shooting BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:49<br>16 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:48<br>17 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Athletic BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:19<br>18 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:30<br>19 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underwater BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:42<br>20 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ghost House BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:40<br>21 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bonus Screen BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:08<br>22 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Castle BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:45<br>23 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:31<br>24 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Underground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:33<br>25 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Main Theme &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:53<br>26 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Star Course (Space Zone) &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:39<br>27 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Main Theme &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:22<br>28 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Slider &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:49<br>29 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Dire, Dire Docks &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:05<br>30 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Snow Mountain &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:58<br>31 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bowser’s Road &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:12<br>32 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Delfino Plaza &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:00<br>33 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bianco Hills &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:42<br>34 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ricco Harbor &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;4:00<br>35 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Gelato Beach &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:12<br>36 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Pinna Park &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:13<br>37 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sirena Beach &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:16<br>38 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Noki Bay (Deep Sea) &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:29<br>39 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Pianta Village &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:57<br>40 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Secret Course &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:43<br>41 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:57<br>42 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beach BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:19<br>43 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Castle BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:40<br>Disc length 78:13<br>Disc 2<br><br>01 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Egg Planet &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:41<br>02 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Space Junk Road &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:22<br>03 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beach Bowl Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:30<br>04 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Waltz of the Boos &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:23<br>05 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Buoy Base Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:05<br>06 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Gusty Garden Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:41<br>07 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The Galaxy Reactor &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:23<br>08 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:09<br>09 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Haunted House BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:06<br>10 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sky Station Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:27<br>11 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Yoshi Star Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:01<br>12 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Puzzle Plank Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:10<br>13 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Cloudy Court Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:41<br>14 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Melty Monster Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:27<br>15 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Slimy Spring Galaxy &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:38<br>16 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bowser’s Galaxy Generator &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:13<br>17 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground Theme &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:19<br>18 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sea Theme &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:07<br>19 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:05<br>20 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Athletic BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:44<br>21 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Ground BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:34<br>22 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Athletic BGM &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:25<br>23 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Super Bell Hill &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:57<br>24 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Switch Scramble Circus &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:21<br>25 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Chain-Link Charge &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:40<br>26 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Snowball Park &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:52<br>27 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Hands-On Hall &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:09<br>28 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2:29<br>29 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Champion’s Road &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3:52<br>30 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Title</h3><p><br></p>


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