Suddenly Drunk Hardcore Expansion

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<p><br></p><p>Expansions add a whole new set of cards you can use in conjunction with your base Suddenly Drunk deck.<br>This Expansion introduces a whole new set of rules and games that raise the drinking to an entirely new level!<br>Be careful not to play this without the base set or you will probably die of alcohol poisoning<br><br></p><li>Easily transforms any turn-based game into a drinking game!</li><li>Adds more intense drinking punishments to your Suddenly Drunk Base Game.</li><li>Construct your own perfect drinking game by adding or removing cards.<br></li><p><br>Add ridiculous rules to you and your friends that they must follow or DRINK if they fail.<br><br><strong><em>Age restricted to 18+ years old</em></strong></p>


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