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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Music Collection Super


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Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon S Ongaku Shuu:

1. “Seihai, Kyuuseishu … Shinpi naru Sekai” (聖杯、救世主…神秘なる世界; Holy Grail, Messiah…The Mystic World) 1:58
2. “Subtitle” (サブタイトル) 0:10
3. “Asa no Namikidou” (朝の並木道, A Morning in the Tree-Lined Street) 4:08
4. “Death Busters no Yabou” (デスバスターズの野望, Death Busters’ Ambitions) 3:15
5. “Tenō Haruka to Kaiō Michiru” (天王はるかと海王みちる, Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou) 2:25
6. “Koisuru Otome ha Tomaranai!” (恋する乙女はとまらない!, Girls in Love Won’t Stop!) 5:00
7. “Daimōn Shutsugen” (ダイモーン出現, Daimon Appearance) 4:38
8. “Eye Catch” (アイキャッチ) 0:12
9. “Ubawareta Junsuina kokoro no kesshō” (奪われた純粋な心の結晶 , The Pure Heart Crystal is Stolen) 3:09
10. “Senshi no Shukumei…” (戦士の宿命…, Soldier’s Fate…) 4:39
11. “Henshin! Sailor Senshi” (変身!セーラー戦士, Transform! Sailor Soldiers) 4:28
12. “Uranus, Soshite, Neptune” (ウラヌス、そして、ネプチューン, Uranus and Neptune) 5:38
13. “The Pretty Soldiers’ Big War!” 4:20
14. “Ai no Kiseki” (愛の奇跡, Miracle of Love) 2:04
15. “Raishuu mo mite ne!” (来週も見てネ!, See You Next Week!) 0:31


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