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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Music Collection R


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Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon R Ongaku Shuu:

No. Title Length
1. “Otome no Policy” (乙女のポリシー , A Maiden’s Policy) 3:13
2. “Yuujou, Soshite Ai” (友情,そして愛 ; Friendship, and Love) 6:15
3. “Makaiju” (魔界樹, Hell Tree) 5:44
4. “Watashi ga Tatakau” (私が戦う, I Fight) 6:00
5. “Kiyoku, Akaruku, △×□§” (清く,明るく,△×□§…; Clean, Bright, △×□§…) 6:43
6. “Atatanaru Teki” (新たなる敵, A New Enemy) 4:53
7. “Tsuiseki ha Bouken no Hajimari” (追跡は冒険のはじまり, Tracking the Beginning of the Adventure) 4:54
8. “Tsuki ha Miteiru” (月は見ている, The Moon is Watching) 5:03
9. “Kanashimi wo Yuuki ni Kaete” (悲しみを勇気に変えて, Courage to End the Sorrow) 5:27
10. “Suki to Itte” (好きと言って) 4:37


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