Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F - DVD

-33% Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F - DVD

A duel of destiny!! A battle beyond gods begins!!!! Following the fight with Beerus the Destroyer, Goku and Vegeta are in training on Beerus' world, under the guidance of his attendant, Whis. Meanwhile, with the earth at peace once again, Sorbet and Tagoma, two of the surviving members of the Frieza force, come by in search of the Dragon Balls.... More »

Release Details

Mild animated violence and coarse language
Release Date:18/11/2015
Number of Discs:1
Runtime:93.0 mins
Barcode:9322225208377 Download PDF Barcode
Catalogue Number:MMA5607
Copyright:©BIRD STUDIO /SHUEISHA ©2015 DRAGON BALL Z the Movie Production Committee

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